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3 Way Split EP with 6 tracks

State Of Pain (Singapore)

Hollow Thread (Singapore)

Lost Control (Malaysia)


released January 4, 2016

DG - 004
Dangerous Goods Label & Distro
Twitter @dangerousgoods



all rights reserved


Lost Control Chihuahua, Mexico

Here to express not to impress.



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Track Name: State Of Pain - No Love
Lost and alone
Theres no place to stay
Theres no love I'll get
Now I'm barely standing
With my own two feet

Down below and lost within
In a world I once begin
Looked for a place to rest my head
Yearned for a love that I'll never get

Lost and alone
Theres no place to stay
Theres no love I'll get
Now I'm barely standing
With my own two feet

On my own in this world so cold
I'll make it through without the help of you

The life you created
Is no more yours to claim
I'll live without you
And die not knowing you
Track Name: State Of Pain - Death Row (Feat. EZ Fuel)
Death clock keeps ticking
Will we learn not to waste?
Everything that we're given
Forget the fear we must always feel spite
This scum will rise
I will take control and I will be in charge
I will not be anyone's saviour
I am here just to condemn your soul

(Front row! Death row!)
You're next in line and you can't escape
(Front row! Death row!)
Your time is up now perish and turn to dust

Now you see a world
I see a graveyard to be
You've forsaken me
Now you'll plead to me

Helplessly I tried to stand my ground
You tried to bring me down I'll never bow to you
And to the love that I've always yearned for


Track Name: Hollow Threat - Erased
There's no reason, no reason to even prove
My own mind is a product of a negative views
No time to wreck a havoc
Cause im already a mess
Putting more weight on my shoulders
Seems like an easy work at best

Its time to think
Time to Erase
But it takes time to take it all OUT

Feeling guilty is an overrated thing
Ill break the chip off my shoulder
Just to die like the kings and queens
This cycle of sickness is overwhelming
If you choose or refuse there's still a six feet bed made for you

(Feat. Akram)
I got an ice soul
And im not afraid to show it
If the prize is up for grab
I rather not take it
Always living low
keep my thoughts to myself
Have no cruel intentions
And only fend for myself

No no
I don't need pain in my life
No no
i earned my means to survive

And when time erase my footsteps
I'll be eating dirt
The only thing that's left is memories from my past
And when time erase my footsteps
I'll be laid in dirt
Track Name: Hollow Threat - Blissful Ignorance
Im not alone, i swear im not
A blissful ignorance full of selfish thoughts
If this is what they call sane
Im perfectly fine with being insane

Isolation is taking hold of me
Anxiety creeps slowly in the depths of my head
In a state of disgust
Bleeding slowly from the wound of the past

Im not worrying about anything
Im trying my best to stay clean
Murder screaming in my fucking head
But my hands are far too clean

Always will and never far off
Speaking silence is what im yearning for
They told me the grass is greener on the other side
But all i see is rotten trees

My pain and misery are painted black
Tainted with my sorrow, it will never cleanse
If i cant even have faith in my own damn thoughts, when will it ever come to an halt

Maybe one day, ill learn to listen to the ghost inside my head
Feeding off their existence, to make me feel whole again

Check it

Seeping through the cracks of my thoughts
Filling up with loneliness
Drowning deep in my empty well
Enslaved by misery, to think it comes with love and company
I hold off better alone, for the war of my bitter soul
Track Name: Lost Control - Mother Torture
I am molded of malice
My ill intent are made of spite
I hold this evil will
Hand in hand to my distaste of human
This is a place of rack and ruins
I stand among the wicked
Survival of the sickest
Only the insane survive

Cut off the head of the serpent
Snakes and wolves try to cage your mind
Live like sheep you will die with the rest

This is the mother of all torture
They fucked your mind so you cant think
We live in impending nature
Fuck everything you believe
Hang my head and kill what i am
Reborn with hate runs through my veins
Survival of the sickest
Only the insane survive

This is the mother of all torture
This is the mother of all torture

Look for the head of the serpent
Cut it off and burn its nest
Sheeps and wolves will cage your mind
Live like a snake you shall burn with the rest
Track Name: Lost Control - Vision Illusion
Fabrication of the truth
Misconception of what is real
Take a look inside my brain
Am I in pain or am I insane?
Deteriorate my way of thinking
Captivated by shackles and chains
Distort my sight with false intuition
But they can't deceive my mind

Deceive my mind

Lose everything disperse in ruins
Fuck what you know and fuck what you think
Flesh on a string live with no will
Look for the snake and go for the kill
Indoctrinate the mind of the weak
Distorted by their sets of beliefs
A whole nation molded by system
A generation brain washed

Dispose all doctrines
Breed hate and disdain
Faith in disbelief
Perish in despair